Stitching onto dark coloured aida without fucking up your eyes

Posted by Melody Rule on

swear words that have been cross stitched onto black aida fabric
If you’ve never stitched onto dark colour fabrics before the key to

not ruining your eyesight is to work in natural daylight or really
bright artificial light. I invested in a lamp with a daylight bulb
that I like to use when cross stitching otherwise I end up with a
bitch of a headache and my stitches look like I did them with boxing
gloves on! You don't need to buy a fancy schmancy craft lamp which can
be quite expensive. You can just pop a nice bright light bulb in any
old lamp!

Even with good lighting it can still be tricky to see the tiny holes
on black aida so getting some light behind your work too is a game
changer. If you place a sheet of white paper over your lap it makes
the holes really easy to see. Better still, I like to place my tablet
on my lap with the screen illuminated. Try it, I promise you it will
make the world of difference. Just remember to change the settings so
that the screen doesn’t keep switching itself off or it’ll drive you
fucking nuts!

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