I have loved cross stitch for years, and use it as an outlet for my creativity and a way to relax. I’m probably not quite what you may have in mind when you conjure up mental images of someone who spends her time doing needle crafts, but I’ve given it my own spin – as you’ll see with my designs.

I live just outside Liverpool with my husband, who’s an all-round board gaming geek and has his own t-shirt design business, and I have a grown-up daughter who lives in Leeds ( I know, I don't look old enough!!). She's a budding feminist and all-round badass activist, so I know I’ve done an alright job! I drink a lot of coffee, swear like a sailor, and have sketchbooks full of designs that I jot down when I think of a good phrase, hear a funny conversation or see something great. I love that cross stitch is a great release and I love playing about with new designs and not giving a shit if they’re perfect or not, because there’s a place for everything.

Back in 2017, I quit my regular 9-5 job and set about working on Curious Twist full time. I produce naughty, sassy and sweary cross stitch patterns that are sold through Etsy. They come in the form of patterns, kits containing all the necessary equipment for you to stitch yourself, and pre-made designs. They all make for great gifts: either to yourself to take some time out and get creative or for someone else to stitch and display. Careful who you give them to though… this may not quite be the crafts kit your Nan was after! 

All patterns are suitable for beginners, so you don’t need any experience; but if you are a dab hand with the needles, you can customise and add to it all to make it your own. If you’d like an in-person tutorial, you can come along to one of my workshops in Liverpool. These happen every month or so and are usually combined with lots of caffeine and cake… happiness.

I have some lovely loyal customers who love to share their finished stitches, and I love to see them! If you make one of my designs, please do share on social media. You can spread the word too by signing up for my newsletter to get a 10% discount (valid FOREVER!) and downloading free patterns to keep busy in between purchases.

If you ever want to chat custom designs, stitch tips or have any sweary suggestions, get in touch! It’d be great to hear from you and learn more about you, your stitching style and what you’d like to see from Curious Twist in the future.

Now f*ck off. I have cross stitch to be getting on with 😉

Melody xx

photo of Melody